CHINA – Sino-Brazilian training course in child and adult psychiatry based on Winnicott

HuiLongGuan Hospital 

Chinese Winnicott Association (CWA)

Brazilian Institute for Winnicott´s Psychoanalysis (IBPW)


1. Period: 2017-2018

2. Beginning: May 2017

3.  Institutions:  Chinese Winnicott Association  (CWA),member of the IWA, and the Peking University HuiLongGuan Clinical Medical School

4. Persons in charge: Dr. Cui and Pang of the HuiLongGuan Hospital, Beijing

5. Trainees: psychiatrists working at the HuiLogGuan hospital and at other psychiatric hospitals in China

6. Teachers: Z. Loparic, Elsa Oliveira Dias and a team of English speaking teachers from the Brazilian Winnicott Institute and/or it´s IWA collaborators

7. Structure: two years (2017-2018), divided in 4 modules (3 days each)

8. Year period: May and November

9. Program: to be proposed shortly by the teachers

10. Time schedule: to be decided