The research conducted by the IRG-WP will be based on the thesis, which is nowadays accepted by an increasing number of authors, that Winnicott´s contribution to psychoanalysis can be viewed as a paradigm shift as described by Thomas S. Kuhn.

Possible topics of research may be:

  1. Kuhn´s theory of paradigms today.
  2. Kuhnian paradigms in Human Sciences.
  3. Freudian paradigm.
  4. Articulations of the Freudian paradigm (Klein, Bion, Lacan).
  5. Crisis of the Freudian paradigm.
  6. Important dissidents, previous to and leading to Winnicott (Jung, Ferenczi, Balint).
  7. Winnicott´s revolutionary research (crisis of the traditional psychoanalysis, pediatrics and psychiatry)
  8. Winnicott´s paradigm: Winnicott´s revolutionary project for psychoanalysis, pediatrics, child and adult psychiatry, psychiatric social service, obstetrics, midwifery, psychosomatic medicine, prevention in the field of mental health and education.
  9. Varieties of Winnicott´s clinic.
  10. Philosophical dimensions of the Freudian paradigm: Kant and Schopenhauer.
  11. Philosophical dimensions of the Winnicottian paradigm: Heidegger and existentialism.
  12. Current discussions on differences between Freud and the Freudians, and Winnicott.
  13. Winnicott´s paradigm, the current state of psychoanalysis and the future of psychoanalysis.

Coordinator: Z. Loparic

Members: Psychoanalysts who are affiliated to one of IWA’s member groups, as well as qualified philosophers and other professionals willing to discuss the topics above.

Permanent members: Caroline Vasconcelos Ribeiro (Brazil), Eder Soares Santos (Brazil), Elsa Oliveira Dias (Brazil), Irene Borges-Duarte (Portugal), Jeanine Chamond (France), Yossi Tamir (Israel), Leticia Minhot (Argentina), Marcos Lisboa (Brazil), Ofra Eshel (Israel), Philippe Cabestan (France), Suze Piza (Brazil), Z. Loparic (Brazil) (Coordinator), Zhao Chengzhi (John) (China) and Wei Chenxi (Kevin) (China).

Organization: managed by a Committee of the International Winnicott Association (IWA), the group could hold meetings in places where there are member groups of the IWA, such as Beijing, Lisbon, Paris, Rome, São Paulo, Tel-Aviv etc.

Publication: contributions to the meetings shall be published by IWA`s publishing services in collaboration with the DWW editorial of the Brazilian Society for Winnicott´s Psychoanalysis.
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