Donald Winnicott Conference

winnicott conferenceLocation: Institute of Psychoanalysis 

20-22 November 2015

The Winnicott Trust announces a conference to be held at the Institute of Psychoanalysis and the Brunei Gallery, London

A celebration of the collected works of D. W. Winnicott: Donald Winnicott and the history of the present Speakers include: Stefano Bolognine, Vincenzo Bonaminio, Andrea Brady, Matt Ffytche, Juliet Hopkins, Angela Joyce, Anne Karpf, Zeljko Loparic, Lynne Murray, Kenneth Robinson, Rene Roussillon, Kenneth Wright

Early bird discount available from 13 April to 30 June ~ £225. After 30 June – £ 260.

There will be 50 places available at a cost of £ 150 for psychotherapy/psychoanalytic trainees.  Or, full time students on a post graduate course in psychoanalytic studies.  Evidence of status will be required.  To book a student/trainee  place  please contact  Marjory Goodall at  .                             

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Donald Winnicott and the history of the present



November 20/21/22 2015

Reception at the Institute of Psychoanalysis on Friday evening 20th, 6.30pm-8.30pm to include book launch and demonstration of the online edition of Collected Works led by Oxford University Press personnel and

Introduction by General Editors: Lesley Caldwell & Helen Taylor Robinson

Conference proper at Brunei Gallery SOAS, Saturday & Sunday morning  

Saturday morning 21 November 

8.45am     Registration

9.20am      Welcome: Angela Joyce, Chair of DWW Trust

First plenary paper


 The self in contemporary psychoanalysis through the lens of    Winnicott’s contribution

Speaker: René Roussillon

Chair: Jennifer Johns

11.00-11.30 am      Coffee 

Second plenary paper


The analytic relationship and the person of the analyst

Speakers: Stefano Bolognini & Vincenzo Bonaminio

Chair: Lesley Caldwell

1-2.00pm    Lunch served 

Afternoon Workshops: Saturday 21 November 2015, 2:00 to 3:30 

1.    The Journey from Thoughtless Acts to Actless Thoughts:

        Understanding and Helping Troubled Children through a

        Residential Treatment Programme 

Presenter:   Richard Rollinson

Discussant: Ann Horne  

2.   A Development of the Spatula Game:

      Bringing Parent-Infant Psychotherapy to a Universal Child Health Setting

Presenter: Jessica James 

Chair: Angela Joyce 

3.  Winnicott and Poetic Practice

Presenter: Matt Ffytche and Andrea Brady

 Chair:  Helen Taylor Robinson

 4.   Donald Winnicott, the Public Psychoanalyst:

        Broadcasting Beyond the Consulting Room

Presenter:   Anne Karpf and Brett Kahr

 Chair:  Ruth McCall

5.   Winnicott’s Paradigm Shift in Psychoanalytic Theory and Clinical Practice

 Presenter:  Zeljko Loparic

Chair:  James Rose

 6.    DWW and Social Work

Presenter:  Pamela Trevithick

Chair:   Mary Twyman

 3.30-4pm  Tea

 Third Plenary Paper   


           Introduction: Juliet Hopkins

 ‘There’s no such thing as a baby: how close relationships support  development from birth to two’

          Speaker:  Lynne Murray

         Chair:  Judith Trowell

         Sunday morning 22 November  

         Fourth Plenary paper

         10am- 11.30am   

          DWW on Culture & the Arts  

          Ken Wright & Ken Robinson      

          Chair:  Josh Cohen

         11.30-12 noon   Coffee

         Fifth Plenary Paper 12.00-1.00pm  

        Contemporary perspectives on the concept of regression

        Speaker: Angela Joyce

        Chair:     Barbie Antonis


          Final Discussion, panel of plenary speakers and goodbye

          Chair: Helen Taylor Robinson