Welcome to IWA Blog
Welcome to IWA Blog

Today we have started launching a new project – “IWA Blog” – on the IWA website, with the aim to favour discussions among IWA members in advance to the Beijing Congress. The editorial work will be done by Wei Chenxi (Kevin), Secretary General of IWA, who will be assisted in technical matters by Mariana Barros  from the Brazilian IWA Headquarters. 

There are of course many other topics which can profitably be discussed on this platform. Clinical experiences of individual members of IWA member-groups, theoretical results of their research activities and their publications are among obvious items to consider. 

And of course there are programmes of different contents and structures used in teaching Winnicott, which is indeed a very important task of all of us.

Some groups still teach Winnicot the old way, as one of the many, others put him just in the middle between Anna Freud and M. Klein. 

Yet others give Winnicott a special place and use elaborate tools to that end. Since 2003, in the Brazilian São Paulo Winnicott School, also present in Argentine, Portugal, Belgium and China, we interpret Winnicott´s plea for “a kind of revolution in our work” in terms of Kuhn´s theory of scientific revolutions and Winnicott´s contributions as a paradigm shift. More recently, Ofra Eshel has proposed her own training programme which is based on the idea of a “quantum psychoanalysis” conceived under the influence of David Bohm, famous quantum physicist and religious thinker inspired by Krishnamurti. I think that both the more traditional and more recent styles in teaching Winnicott deserve to be reexamined and discussed and the blog can be instrumental to that purpose.

Z. Loparic