Sino-Brazilian International Training Program on Winnicottian Psychoanalysis (2014 – 2016)
Sino-Brazilian International Training Program on Winnicottian Psychoanalysis (2014 – 2016)


The Yikang Mental Health Clinic of the Beijing Huilongguan Hospital and the Brazilian Winnicott Society (SBPW), under the auspices of the International Winnicott Association (IWA) will be starting in Beijing on May 26th to 29th 2014 the training program called “Sino-Brazilian International Training Program on Winnicottian Psychoanalysis”.

The initial step towards the creation of this program was given by professor Z. Loparic, Founder and President of the SPBW and of the IWA during his visit to the Yikang Mental Clinic of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital in June 2013. On that occasion, Dr. Ling and Dr. Zhao of the Beijing Huilongguan Hospital described the situation of psychoanalytic therapy in China, explaining there were plenty of international training programs on psychoanalytically oriented therapy, such as Sino-German, Sino-Norwegian, Sino-British, among others, but that a Winnicott oriented training course in psychoanalytic theory and therapy was still lacking. On that account, professor Z. Loparic decided to plan and prepare, together with Dr. Ling and Dr. Zhao such a training program, with the aim to spread Winnicott’s psychoanalytical theory and practice, and by so doing to increase the level of theoretical and clinical studies of Chinese therapists and counselors.

This training program will continue for three years, from  May 2014 to November 2016, and will consist of morning and afternoon classes during five days in May and November of each year. The classes will be taught by Professors Elsa Oliveira Dias and Zeljko Loparic.


Phase I – May, 2014


Sino-Brazilian International Training Program on Winnicottian PsychoanalysisPHASE I巴国际温尼科特精神分析取向心理治疗师三年连续培训项目AGENDA  培训日程
Date Morning Lunch Time Afternoon Dinner Time
Content of Lectures Case Reports
9:00—10:20 Tea Time 10:40—12:00 13:30—15:00 Tea Time 15:20—17:00
May 26th (Tue.) Winnicott’s paradigm Paradigmatic function of Winnicott’s clinical cases
May 27th (Wed.) Winnicott’s theory of maturation: general surwey Main conceps of Winnicott’s clinic
May 28th (Thu.) First stages of maturation Clinical cases
May 29th (Fri.) Maturation in the family environment Clinical cases
May 30th (Sat.) Adolescence and advanced socialization Clinical cases



Phase II – November, 2014


Sino-Brazilian International Training Program on Winnicottian PsychoanalysisPHASE II巴国际温尼科特精神分析取向心理治疗师三年连续培训项目(第二期)AGENDA  培训日程(20141126-30日)
注册报到时间:    25日/11月/周二Registration Time:  Nov 25th (Tue.) 注册报到地点:北京回龙观医院怡康心理诊所Registration Place: Beijing Huilongguan Hospital 开幕式时间:8:30-9:00 ,26日/11月/周三Opening Ceremony:8:30-9:00,Nov 26th (Wed.)
时间/日期Date 上午  Morning 午餐时间    Lunch Time 下午  Afternoon 晚餐时间    Dinner Time 晚上  Evening
外教讲座内容   Content of Lectures 案例督导或讨论   Case Reports 其它活动  Activities
9:00-10:20 茶歇Tea Time 10:40-12:00 13:30-15:00 茶歇Tea Time 15:20-17:00 18:00-20:00
26/11/周三Nov 26th (Wed.) 精神障碍的分类(病因学)Classification of psychic disorders. Aethiology 诊断,各种心理治疗Diagnosis. Varieties of psychotherapy 学员与老师交流会(1.5H)Meeting of trainners and trainees
27/11/周四Nov 27th (Tue.) 创伤的概念,原始创伤(病因学)The concept of a trauma. Primitive traumata. Aethiology 作为防御组织对抗原始创伤的精神病Psychoses as defensive organizations against primitive traumata 讲座和讨论(凌笋昂,魏晨曦主持)Reviewing and Discussion
(Dr. Ling)
28/11/周五Nov 28th (Fri.) 病理性假自体,潜隐性精神分裂症Pathological false self. Latent schizophrenia 临床案例Clinical cases 讲座和讨论(赵丞智,魏晨曦主持)Reviewing and Discussion
(Dr. Zhao)
29/11/周六Nov 29th (Sat.) 分裂性人格,儿童精神分裂症Schizoid personalities. Child schizophrenia 临床案例Clinical cases 讲座和讨论(赵丞智,刘旭主持)Reviewing and Discussion
(Dr. Zhao)
30/11/周日Nov 30th (Sun.) 心身障碍Psycho-somatic disorders 临床案例Clinical cases 16:40-17:00 教学会议Teachers’ Meeting
闭幕式Closing Ceremony

注:所有教学活动均在北京回龙观医院2号楼5层电教室。就餐在职工食堂中巴培训班就餐区。周三和周四午餐后组织参观心理热线,行为区,怡康心理诊所,自愿参观者12:40 在2号楼大厅结合,专人带领参观,自行参观无人接待。




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Phase III – May, 2015


Coming soon.