This Course in Winnicottian Clinical Practice is an extension, introduced in the year of 2016 by Elsa Oliveira Dias and Zeljko Loparic, of the Training Course in Winnicottian Psychoanalysis which they created in 2003. The structure and material for this course in its initial form is a direct result from the research developed by these two professionals since 1993 at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp) and the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) and also within the Research Group about Philosophy and Psychotherapy Practice (GFPP), founded by them in 1995.

The present extended version of this course was made necessary with the development of research within the São Paulo Winnicottian School and it also attends the purpose of offering training to non-psychoanalysts. Even though the training of psychoanalysts is the main focus, training a larger range of professionals goes in agreement with Winnicott practical and therapeutic interests, suggested by courses developed by himself, precisely aimed at a wider professional frame.

Level of the Course: graduate

Teachers: senior members of the IBPW with M.A. or Ph.D. qualification, guest professors

The course is aimed at: psychoanalysts, pediatrics, psychiatrists, obstetricians, neuroscientists, psychiatric social workers and social workers in general, jurists, educators and counselors.

Duration of the Course: 4 years

Number of disciplines: 12 disciplines + 1 theoretical essay and 1 supervised case report (60 hours of individual supervision)

Disciplines are semestral

Disciplines of the first and the second year have 15 weekly lectures

Disciplines of the third and the forth year have 10 weekly lectures

Lectures take 3 hours each.

Content: The course has disciplines divided in three parts: first part is theoretical, second part is theoretical-clinical and the third part is clinical composed of supervised group seminaries. For the conclusion of the training, the presentation and defense of a Final Essay of Conclusion (FEC) and of a Study of a Clinical Case (SCC) is mandatory.

For more detailed information regarding this course, please look at the regiment (this website).

I. The theoretical part is composed of 4 disciplines, dedicated to the following themes:

1) D1: Winnicott Theory of Maturational Processes
2) D2: Winnicott´s Maturational Pathology I
3) D3: Winnicott´s Maturational Pathology II
4) D4: Winnicott within the History of Psychoanalysis and other areas of health care

II. The theoretical-clinical part is composed of 4 disciplines that address the following topics:

1) D5: Basic concepts of the Winnicottian Clinic
2) D6: Winnicott´s brief clinical cases
3) D7: The case B (Holding and interpretation)
4) D8: The case Piggle

III. The clinical part is composed of clinical reports presented by students in the group seminaries supervised by specialized professors.


Brazilian Institute for Winnicott´s Psychoanalysis (IBPW)
International Winnicott Association (IWA)
Beijing Mental Health Center
Beijing Winnicott Study Group

1.   Trainees: candidate Chinese teachers in Winnicott`s psychoanalysis who have attended all 6 modules of basic course in 2014-2106 at the Huilongguan
hospital, Beijing.

2.   Teachers: Prof. Z. Loparic, Prof. Elsa Oliveira Dias and other teachers from the Brazilian Winnicott Institute and/or it´s IWA collaborators.

3. Duration: 4 academic years, each year being divided in two semesters of 5 months each.

4. Time schedule

1) First semester: March to July

2) Second semester: August to December.

5. Specific time schedules for the activities of each semester will be produced.

6. The activities will consist of lectures, seminars, supervisions as well as of tutorage of final theoretical and clinical reports.

7. All activities will be delivered by ZOOM.

8. The program will be based on an adapted version of the Training course in Winnicott`s psychoanalysis offered by the Brazilian Winnicott Institute (see
The program on the IWA site) and sponsored by the IWA.

9. A “Sourcebook” or “Handbook” on Winnicott´s psychoanalysis and other areas of his clinical practice will be edited by Prof. Z. Loparic and Prof. Elsa
Oliveira Dias in collaboration with and other teachers of the program.

10. This research material will be used in writing entries to the Winnicott Dictionary and the Winnicott Dictionary of Quotations to be published by the DWW. editorial of the Brazilian Society of Winnicott´s Psychoanalysis.

11. The start of the course: March 3 rd , 2017.

11. The Program will be administered by the IBPW, which shall celebrate a contract to that effect with the Beijing Mental Health Center.