Maria do Rosário Belo

Maria do Rosario Belo. Psychoanalyst. Teaching and founding member of the
Portuguese Association of Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (AP).
Member of the IWA. Bachelor in Clinical Psychology from Lisbon’s University Institute
for Psychological, social and Life Sciences (ISPA) and doctoral student in Philosophy at
the University of Évora. Researcher of Donald Woods Winnicott’s thought, especially
its intersections with Heidegger’s thought. Supervisor and Trainer, she is also the
author of several articles on psychoanalytic practice and reflection, and of the books: O
Percurso de um Psicanalista (2015, reprinted in 2020) (The Path of a Psychoanalyst),
and Estudos Winnicotianos (2020), both published by Coisas de Ler. Professor of
Winnicottian psychoanalysis intervention at the AP, and founder, scientific director
and head professor of its Study Group on Winnicott’s Thought