1st Beijing International Winnicott Colloquium


November, 19th, 2017

8h00-8h50: Registration

Organizing groupVenue: Beijing Hot Spring International Hotel

Chairperson: Liu Yang  (Leader of Beijing Winnicott Group)

9h00-9h10: Opening ceremony

9h10-10h00: Introduction to Winnicott’s Paradigm, Zeljko Loparic (Brasil) 

In comparison with Freud´s paradigm.

10h00-10h20: discussion

10h20-10h40: Communicability and Translatability of Winnicott’s Language, Chenxi Wei (China)

Introduction to  Chenxi Wei´s  research project.

10h40-10h50: Coffee break

10h50-11h30: How to Study Winnicottian Psychoanalysis, Alice McCaffrey Busnardo (Brasil)

How to read Winnicott, to receive supervision and personal analysis, and to become a Winnicottian therapist. 

11h30-12h00: discussion

12h00-12h30: break/pause

13h30-14h20: Techniques of Winnicottian Psychoanalysis, Elsa Oliveira Dias (Brasil)

Differences between care-cure and talking-cure

Chairperson: Liu Yang  (Leader of Beijing Winnicott Group)

14h20-14h40: discussion

14h40-15h00: Coffee break

15h00-15h50: Application of Winnicott’s Theory in Other Fields, Danit Pondé (Brasil)

Other fields: infant care, adolescence, child psychiatry, social work, etc.

15h50-16h10: discussion

16h10-16h30: Review and Prospect of Winnicott in China: About Relevant Works, Dr. Zhao Chengzhi (China) 

Works done: Winnicott group, Sino-Brazilian program, Chinese teacher candidates training, Winnicott’s papers colloquium, translated books; 
Prospects: cooperation with IWA, Winnicottian analysts’ training.
16h30-16h50: discussion
16h50-17h00: Closing ceremony